Saturday, September 27, 2014

Madam Oei

This lady Mdm Oei has captivated many hearts. Many Brownies are included amongst those smitten.

A photo of Bukit Brown with an image inspired by Mdm Oei's reflection was drawn digitally and superimposed to highlight a presentation  "Ladies of the Straits Settlements" by Catherine Lim.

"To dramatize the effect of the image, I have added a lead actress to this new work. Titled it 'Madam Oei' as it reminded me of Mrs Wellington Koo.
Image taken at Bukit Brown Cemetery and the figure added using Procreate."
says the artistic director Ms Khoo Ee Hoon.

Hui-lan Oei was the daughter of Chinese businessman Oei Tiong Ham. Her marriage to Chinese diplomat and politician Vi Kyuin Wellington Khoo, was announced in November 1920 whilst Wellington Koo was Chinese Minister to the United States. In early 1921, Vi Kyuin Wellington Koo was appointed the Chinese Minister to Great Britain and they lived in London until June 1946, though they divorced shortly after the Second World War. In addition to posing for photographer HoppĂ©, Madame Wellington Koo was also painted by Slade graduate, Leon Underwood. She wrote two memoirs, Hui-Lan Koo (Mrs. Wellington Koo): An Autobiography (1945) and No Feast Lasts Forever (1975). 

This is haunting beauty!

How I captured that image at the talk on my graphic recording

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