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On the trail of Tan Swee Lim

Tan Swee Lim, one of the sons of Tan Tock Seng is #2 on my list

My Uncle Darrell Tan (descendant from TSL) has this to say
"My guess is that Tan Swee Lim was registered as 'Tan Kong Tit' as that could be the transliteration of his posthumous name (explained by Raymond Goh who found the grave - bukitbrown.org). Raymond thinks my guess is correct."

Raymond Goh writes 
"Again they use posthumous name,  in this case,  for Mr Tan, it was 刚直 Gang zhi, which can mean upright and outspoken.
Indeed Tan Swee Lim was certainly upright and outspoken.
In 1860, Tan Kim Ching admitted his brother Tan Swee Lim as a partner, the firm was known as "Tan Kim Ching & Brother", chop Chin Seng Ho, but a few months later Tan Swee Lim left the firm.
14 Jul 1872,  Swee Lim was appointed as acting Siamese Consul during Tan Kim Ching's absence.
Tan Swee Lim was described in the papers as a man of some influence among Chinese, he was consulted on various occasions with the police during some riots.
Straits Times Overland Jourmal 5 Dec 1872, pg 13
Tan Swee Lim : I knew it was a very serious row from the reports I heard.
I should never talk to samsengs (gangsters); the best plan is to go at them and arrest them: take them up at once, and don't bother with talking with them. If there we...re no samsengs in Singapore, there would be no bother or riot at all. I think it would be possible to find the samsengs by means of the head society men, and send them out of the countury.
In Dec 1883, Swee Lim together with Lim Cheng Gum and others, owners of coconut plantations at Geylang complained about the various tanneries in the district, which are not only a nusiance to the whole neighbourhood from the offensive smell which they emit, but also a source of loss from the damages inflicted on the trees through the ravages of the beetles which generate in the refuse of the bark and hides strewn about the open ground.
Although Swee Lim died in 1885,  in 1888, there was a building plan for a bungalow at Devonshire Road belonging to him.
Tomb inscriptions:
From Zhangpu (Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian)
Tomb erected in the 11th year of the Emperor Guangxu ie 1885,  仲秋, ie in the middle of Autumn, ie the 8th lunar month, on an auspicious day.
Mrs Tan Swee Lim Mdm Tay, died in 13 Apr 1908. 
Children names inscribed in the tomb:
Son: Tan Bin Cheng
Daughter: Tan Tuan Neo
Grandson : Tan Hong Tee
Tan Swee Lim have also got himself a honorary title:

太学生 which means a student of the highest institute of learning during the Qing Dynasty

His wife Mdm Tay was also bestowed a Ru Ren.
Indeed the long lost tomb of Tan Swee Lim has been found.

Compiled and written by Raymond Goh"

Darrel also has other leads...
so there must be more relatives to identify

How to get to Great Grand Ma Mrs Seow Chye Watt aka Yeo Boey Neo

Gan Su Lin helped me with these directions:
From the roundabout, go down the paved road as if heading toward Block IV.
Toward the eastern end of Block 3, there's a huge rain tree at the intersection where blocks 1, 3, 5 meet. 

Just past that, clearly visible beside the road, is the tomb of Tan Lian Chye aka Tan Chor Lam

[This is the "ang-mo" looking tomb with the black headstone and gold lettering, 
and rectangular above-ground crypt in front of the headstone. ]

Look out for the cement slab that serves as a stepping stone across the drain.

 It's hard to miss Mdm Yeo's bright orange burst.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mrs Tan Wi Yan V3.0 to the rescue

#15 Mrs Tan Wi Yan V4.0 aka Mdm  Yeo Wan Neo
was actually #7 in my list: But I failed to realize such when Raymond made his posting:

It was only when Uncle Roney noted that  Mdm  Yeo Wan Neo's tomb was already known and visited every Cheng Beng that I realise she is #7 on my list.

So I thought I should write to set things straight and state that I have only 14 known relative in Bukit Brown.

BUT, then Mrs Tan Wi Yan V3.0 comes to the rescue:
Uncle Roney Posts on FB"During Cheng Beng we used to visit the graves of Tan Wi Yan and his 2 wives, namely Madam Chong Hoo Loey and Madam Yeo Wan Neo both buried in BBC."

Madam Chong Hoo Loey aka Mrs Tan Wi Yan V3.0 is NOT on my list (I double checked)

So Madam Chong Hoo Loey aka Mrs Tan Wi Yan V3.0 takes the #15 slot from Mrs Tan Wi Yan V4.0 who is already #7 on my list.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#14 & 15

Today Raymond Goh alerted me (via our Heritage Singapore Bukit Brown Cemetery Facebook Page)
to the presence of relative #14 & 15 resident at Bukit Brown Heritage Park (布朗山丘守业公园).
#14 Mdm Tan Hoon Neo
#15 Mdm Yeo Wan Neo
#14 is Mrs Choa Kim Keat was  buried in Bukit Brown at Blk 1, Division B, tomb 64.  
Her husband Mr Chua Kim Keat
  • Name: CHUA Kim Keat
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1858
  • Death: 5 JAN 1907
  • Note: Choa Kim Keat was the only son of Choa Kai Hoon, a native of Malacca, who came to Singapore and entered the service of Choa Boon Buan & Co. (chop Khye Guan Tong), Commission Agents in Boat Quay, and who later succeeded his brother Choa Chuan Ghiok as manager, in Rangoon, of the branch business of Leack, Chin Seng & Co., and died there in 1865. Choa Kim Keat himself began life as salesman to Lim Tiang Wah & Sons, and, on the formation in 1886 of the Straits Trading Co. Ltd., he acted as tin salesman until his death at the age of 48 years, on the 5th January 1907. In 1902 , along with Lee Tian Lye and Chia Hood Theam, he went on a trip to China and Japan, and the Kim Ban Choon Club entertained the trio at dinner to wish them bon voyage. In all his dealings, Choa Kim Keat was tactful and upright, and earned the respect of the successive managing directors of the Straits Trading Company and of the European heads of firms with whom he came daily in contact in the course of his tin business. It was his proud delight to exhibit the tangible tokens of esteem received by him from some of the foremost business men of the Colony, who had long retired from the East. For many years, also, he successfully managed the large rice business of Kim Ching & Co. He married a daughter of Mr. Tan Kim Ching, and his son, Choa Joon Hean, who is now in the Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd., is a young man of great promise. 
  • Mrs Choa Kim Keat is Tan Hoon Neo, daughter of Tan Kim Cheng.
    Name: TAN Hoon Neo
    Sex: F
    Birth: ABT 1858
    Death: 1 FEB 1935 in 149 Neil Street, Singapore
    Burial: 5 FEB 1935 Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore Block 1 Division B tomb 64

    Father: TAN Kim Ching b: 1829 in Singapore
    Mother: CHUA Seah Neo

    Marriage 1 CHUA Kim Keat b: 1858
    Married: Y

    CHUA Joon Hean
    CHUA Female6
    CHUA Female7
    CHUA Female9
    This Saturday (11 February) we can add another connection if we are able to go to seek her grave.
    As if this was not exciting enough,  30 minutes later he posts

    In case you are wondering about the identity of the lady of this tomb every time you walk past Blk 1 by the road, she was the 4th wife of Tan Wi Yan, grandson of Tan Tock Seng. So this lady Mdm Yeo Wan Neo  is #15!

    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    On the identity of Aunty Koh Tengah

    With the discovery of tomb GGM Yeo Boey Neo, I shared the info with my relatives plus the "facts " as I had on my scanty scrambled data base...

    My Cousin Gordon respoded with clarifications/ questioms...
    PS 1:  There would appear to be some discrepancy in the number of descendants left behind by Mdm, Yeo Boey Neo as stated in the Death Notice published in the press and that which appears on her tomb stone, which need to be reconciled.

            Death Notice:
            3  Sons
            3 Daughters
            3 Sons-in-law
            4 Daughters-in-law
            26 Grandchildren

            Tomb Stone
            Mdm Yeo (杨梅娘) had
             3 sons: Bao Ling (保龄Bao Ling), Bao Gui (宝贵Bao Gui) & Bao Heng (宝兴Bao Xing); Dialent (Hanyu Pinyin)
             3 daughters: Kim Neo (金娘Jin Niang), Keng Neo (根娘Gen Niang) & Qui Neo (月娘Yue Niang);
             6 grand-sons: (秀金Xiu Jin), (顺仁Shun Ren), (秀仁Xiu Ren), (清仁Qing Ren), (友仁You Ren) & (思仁Si Ren); and
              3 grand-daughters: (月桂Yue Gui), (月清Yue Qing) & (月明Yue Ming).

        PS 2:  You make reference to certain names mentioned below which are familiar to me and here's my take on what they mean.

        Yee Soh :   Could mean Chia Yee Soh  founder of United Motor Works who lived at 4 Cairnhill Circle  [Could also mean 2nd Aunt]
        Koh Tengah :  was the wife of Chia Yee Soh their children were named Phyllis, Mary, Charlie, Nellie, Robert, Alice, Elsie, Winnie, Ronnie, Harold, and Lionel.    Winnie & Lionel were adopted by Dr. Lee Choon Neo (Singapore's first lady Physician) & Teo Koon Lim and took the surname Teo.

        Poh Leng;  Poh Kwee;  Poh Seng : Three of the surviving 4 sons born to Seow Chye Watt & Yeo Boey Neo as at 26 Feb 1929

        Yee Soh had Lionel :

        Koh Tengah had Charlie & Phyllis:

    I responded, aiming to elucidate the identity of Koh Tengah...

    Look at this posting
    August 2008 Permalink
    Posts: 1
    HI All
    I am a baba melaka, born and brought up in Melaka but now making a living in Singapore as a PR.
    My peranakan parents came from a very big family and there for I had to remember so many names to address them all.
         Just to list a few of them here:-
    Ee Cik = youngest aunty (mom side)
    Tua Ee = oldest aunty (mom side)
    Ji EE / Ee Neo / Ee etc = other aunty (mom side)
    Engku = Uncle (mom side)
    En Teo = aunty's husband (mom's brother in law)
    Engkim = Uncle's wife (mom's sister in law)
    Eng Cek = Uncle (father's side)
    Mak Eemm = Uncle's wife (father's sister in law)
    Ko ko = Aunty (father's side)
    Ko Poh = Grandmother's sister
    Ee Poh = Parent's aunty
    Ma Ma = Grandmother
    Ah Khong = Grandfather

    And consider my theory that "Koh" as in "Koh Tengah" was not a surname, but an honourific title, addressing her as Aunty, father's side, and Tengah because she was the middle (second) of three Aunties!
    And my cousin Gordon concurs!

    Its recorded on the tomb-stone that Seow Chye Watt  &  Yeo Boey Neo had 3 daughters
    Kim Neo (金娘Jin Niang) , Keng Neo (根娘Gen Niang) & Qui Neo (月娘Yue Niang);

    Question is which of the above three Kim Neo,  Keng Neo or Qui Neo  is  Seow Guat Eng ....If she is indeed Koh Tengah (the middle one) shouldn't it be Keng Neo. 

    In response I say 
    Thinking about it...
    Guek and Guat are alternative pronunciation in  (Hokkien) which is moon = Yue in Mandarin = 月
    So 月娘 must refer to Koh Tengah.

    The Qiu is an obvious mistake in translation as the moon is Yue Qiu and Alex copied the wrong character in giving me the tomb reading.

    This raises two questions to which I have the answers:
    A) Why is Guat Neo listed on the side and not in the middle?
    b) Why is she  listed as Guat Neo not Guat Eng?

    Combing Bukit Brown with Raymond has allowed me to learn something's about tomb inscriptions
    For A) I suggest, and has been seen on other tombs, that the first person or important person is listed in the middle of the listings while the second and third siblings (of the same gender) listed on either side of the first name.

    For B) Neo is an honorific added to each females name, and thus the three sisters are "Neo"ed:

    Kim, Keng, Guat: perhaps all three were Engs? Kim Eng , Keng  Eng, Guat Eng

    Number 13: Seow Poh Quee

    On Thursday 2nd February morning, my friend Gan Su Lin from Facebook Heritage Singapore Bukit Brown Cemetery group sent me a photo of tomb of Yeo Boey Neo (my great grand mother)
    She also said that she "noticed the grave directly in front of Mdm Yeo's is of a Seow but neglected to note the full name. Quite possibly he is also kin of yours...."

    Today Sunday 5th February, our Interpid TombRaider Raymond Goh sent me a photo, that of Seow Poh Quee, one of Mdm Yeo's three sons.  Seow Poh Quee is thus my Number 13 relative at BBC.

    from tomb inscription
    4 sons Soo Jin, Ong Jin, Cheng Jin, Kin Jin
    2 daughters, Wee Lian, Gek Lian

    From newspaper archives
    3rd son Walter married 1963

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Great Grand Mother: Yeo Boey Neo

    So far I have 12 relatives at Bukit Brown
    1) Tan Kim Ching - son of Tan Tock Seng
    2 Tan Swee Lim - son of TTS
    3) Tan Boo Liat - great grandson of TTS
    4) Mrs Tan Boo Liat - (next to it is Mdm Fang, actual birth mother of Lim Bo Seng. Lim Loh is also next to Mdm Fang)
    5) Tan Wi Yan - grandson of TTS (at the immediate upper left is the tomb of actual grandmother of Tony Tan - Mdm Wee Chai Neo)
    6) Tan Bin Cheng - grandson of TTS
    7) Yeo Wan Neo (4th wife of Tan Wi Yan)
    8) Lim Thean Gow father of Lim Boon Keng
    9) & 10) Mr & Mrs Lim Mah Peng, parents of Lim Thean Gow

    11) Lim Yu Loo, sister of Lim Boon Keng (found by Raymond and Lawrence Ang 14th January)
    Blk 3 sec A tomb 811

    12) Today I "unearthed" another: my great grandmother: Mdm Yeo Boey Neo:
    Died 23 February 1929, buried at Bukit Brown Section III Lot 639

    Documentation of this search begins with request Khoo Ee Hoon on our Heritage Singapore Bukit Brown Cemetery Facebook Site: (She had started a post on 27 January on Chinese Boy's School that lead to a thread of more than 250 comments including great interest in "mon ka chean he")

     Khoo Ee Hoon posted
    Anyone has the book "One Hundred Years of Chinese in Singapore". I need some scans of SCGS girls, my friends mom is a student in one of the image that I'm trying to lay hands on.
    Tuesday 31st January 2012  at 11:01 

    This lead me to searches for online versions of the book which I failed to find, online versions of the photos which I found at www.a2o. 
    The discussions of SCGS lead to the premises at 37 Emerald Hill Road: 
    I found some floor plans for that: leading on to search for 117 Emerald Hill Road plans. 

    The name  Alsagoff was on the plans for alteration (addition of stables) 1908.

    From a search of newspaper archives I learned that the property was earlier purchased by Alsagoff
    (and put on lease by the previous owner circa 1906)

    Browsing the archives for 117 Emerald Hill Road I found a newspaper obituary February 1929 for Mrs Seow Chye Watt, aka Mdm Yeo Buay Neo: which I realized was my great-grandmother, 
    a2onArchives provided burial plot data: 

    That she had 3 sons and 3 daughters is news to me
    The family database lists her sons as Seow Poh Kooi, Seow Poh Leng, Seow Poh Quee (is that same as Poh Kooi?) and her daughters as Yee Soh and Koh Tengah

    Now I need to go search the actual tomb, and see Watt names are recorded

    My friend Su Lin kindly went this morning and located it:

    Mdm Yeo (杨梅娘) had 3 sons: Bao Ling (保龄Bao Ling) = Poh Leng , Bao Gui (宝贵Bao Gui)  = Poh Kooi& Bao Heng (宝兴Bao Xing); Dialect (Hanyu Pinyin)
    3 daughters: Kim Neo (金娘Jin Niang) , Keng Neo (根娘Gen Niang) & Qui Neo (月娘Yue Niang);
    6 grand-sons: (秀金Xiu Jin)  (顺仁Shun Ren), (秀仁Xiu Ren), (清仁Qing Ren), (友仁You Ren) & (思仁Si Ren); and

    3 grand-daughters: (月桂Yue Gui), (月清Yue Qing) & (月明Yue Ming)
    Piecing this together

    She had three sons Poh Leng, Poh Kwee and Poh Seng
    She had three daughters: the two names I have are Koh Tengah and Yee Soh

    Consultation with my cousin Gordon reveal that Koh Tengah and Yee Soh are the same person, Qui Neo (月娘Yue Niang) aka Seow Guat Ying. Koh Tengah :  was the wife of Chia Yee Soh their children were named Phyllis, Mary, Charlie, Nellie, Robert, Alice, Elsie,   Winnie, Ronnie, Harold, and Lionel. 

    Winnie & Lionel were adopted by Dr. Lee Choon Neo (Singapore's first lady Physician) & Teo Koon Lim and took the surname Teo.

    I know of her grandchildren
    Poh Leng's children
    Duke Sieu Jin
    Eugene Eu Jin
    Amy Guat Cheng
    Betty Guat Beng
    Rosie Guat Kheng