Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finding Tan Kim Ching

These pictures are from last year when Woody came to visit

Hope this gives you some idea how to get there

Finding Grandparents and Parents of Lim Boon Keng

On previous trip Raymond had shown me tombs of the grandparents and parents of Lim Boon Keng (my great grand father) . I had asked Raymond to mark it on the map. E2 make the spot, just before the dog-leg bend of that survey road.

I met two undergraduates, Yani and Martina from East Asian studies NUS, and showed them TBC gravesite (which I had managed to find 30 minutes earlier after a little searching).

Yani, Me & Martina

Then I boldly offered to show them the Lim Boon Keng cluster. The map was accurate enough but I headed uphill too early. After searching uphill I finally found it.

Upon exiting and counting, here is my guide to finding the cluster;

Walk along that road till on the left, near the dogleg bend you find AA65 of Ah Kim 亞金

go uphill counting 10 tombs (Ah Kim is #1)

This is the #10: 

To the right we find tomb of Lim Boon Keng's mother

Lim Boon Keng grandfather Lim Mah Peng died in 1879.

Lim Boon Keng's grandmother's tomb is to the right

This is tomb of grandmother of Lim Boon Keng: 
As he is my great-grand-father, 
I am standing before the tomb of my great-great-great-grand mother.
(Did I get that right?)

 Lim Boon Keng's father has 4 sons and 4 daughters. One son and one daughter was given to someone else(出嗣). This son's name is Mu Qing (木庆)(木慶) and the daughter 's name is You Ru (幼汝). The name of these 2 children are also reflected on Lim Boon Keng's mother's grave, but they are not indicated as 出嗣.

Boon Keng's father was

I am kneeling, crouching before the tomb of 
Lim Boon Keng's father.

The trio of tombs are covered by dense vegetation.
I have just discovered them this month.
Will get saw, machete etc to clear some stuff
and see what professional help is needed.
I think this is far from the road project.

Lawrence Ang posted to Heritage Singapore - Bukit Brown Cemetery

Raymond and I did a bit of bashing, and re-discovered the tomb of Lim Boon Keng's sister !
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Finding Tan Bin Cheng

Went to recce BBC for Tan Bin Cheng visit:
Armed with Raymond Goh map: C3 marks the spot!

Had to scout around:
these quad of lined up tombs provide the guide to TBC

By standing at the rightmost

and following their direction (I planted my umbrella two pass away) for 35 paces:
you will come to a big tree: A big tomb of Koh Kong Wee lies in front of the tree: but TBC is after it, in the shade:

The tomb of TBC has been tumbled down by the roots of the tree: Raymond had previously helped of find and identify it:

You can see the two sentinal lions guarding.

The two turbaned and rifled watchmen are still there: One standing erect,

the other still on duty although at an angle

The tombstone had fallen facedown and Raymond had turned it around with help: (the happened on his previous finding trip) today Raymond was not with me :
Bin Ching Tan name can be seen in "squished" chinese calligraphy.

Tan Bin Cheng's Chinese name is Chen Min Zheng 陈敏政(陳敏政).

This piece shows his sons/ grandson's names:


Tan Bin Cheng's tomb is surrounded by dense vegetation.

just been discovered this month.
This is Raymond's article :

Will get saw, machete etc to clear some of the vegetation

and see what professional help is needed.

I think this is in direct path of destruction due to the proposed road project!!